Brit couple complete impressive visit of all four UK capitals in less than 16 hours

A BRITISH couple have successfully completed their round-trip challenge of visiting all four UK capital cities in less than 16 hours.

Ryan and Jade Dash made it their mission to visit Cardiff, London, Edinburgh and Belfast in just one day – a trip that cost the pair approximately £141 each.

The duo from Manchester began their trip in the Welsh capital of Cardiff at 6:30am and thanks to a bus, train and plane, city-hopped from London to Edinburgh and then over the sea to Belfast.

The video begins with Ryan and Jade – both 31 – departing Cardiff in the morning via a National Express coach en-route to London at a price of £16 per person.

Jade explains: “We’re visiting every UK capital city in 24 hours,” as she and Ryan board the coach at its bus stop.

“She continues: “So this bus from Cardiff to London cost £16 each and we’re three hours into the journey now which means we’ve got 21 hours to complete it.”

Hopping off the coach in the British capital, Ryan adds: “We’re in London now, just getting off the National Express.”

The pair stop off at a Wetherspoon pub for a classic British meal, as Ryan says: “We’re having a cup of tea and a chicken tikka masala in Wetherspoons

“We’re about to get on our train to Edinburgh – four and a half hours this train takes.”

The pair board the train and sit down in a first-class carriage, where they enjoy another cup of tea as Ryan continues: “First class costs £75 per person and we’re six and a half hours into the journey.”

The clip then cuts to the pair arriving in Edinburgh, where they take a seat at a cafe on the Scots capital’s Royal Mile, enjoying a can of Irn-Bru in surprisingly sunny conditions.

Jade explains: “Rainy Cardiff, rainy London and now we’re in sunshiny Scotland – the perfect weather to drink an Irn-Bru.”

Bagpipes can then be heard as the couple rush off to a waiting Uber with their bags, which rushes them to Edinburgh Airport for the final leg of their trip.

Jade then gives an update inside the airport saying: “We’re just sat on the floor now at the airport waiting for our flight.”

The couple then board their easyJet flight to Belfast as an air hostess can be heard saying: “We are now ready for departure.”

Whilst comfortably sitting in her seat Jade says: “The flight costs £50 each, Edinburgh to Belfast and it’s a 30-minute flight.”

Finally, the pair arrive in their last capital of the challenge in the dark as Jade says: “Welcome to Belfast,” whilst wheeling her luggage along the pavement.

Ryan celebrates and lifts his arms aloft and runs about an empty lot, saying: “The quad cap has been completed.”

Jade jokes: “The crowd is going wild.”

Ryan and Jade Dash
Ryan and Jade Dash.

The pair uploaded the video to social media last month with the caption: “Can you travel to all UK cities in 24 Hours?”

Speaking today the couple said: “We set ourselves a travel challenge and wanted something which was a little closer to home.

“People think adventures lie in destinations far away but they can happen on our doorsteps too. That’s where we got the idea of visiting every UK capital in 24 hours.

“We decided that we had to use a different mode of transport for each leg of the journey too. We started in Cardiff and took an early morning mega bus into London.

“From there we travelled to Edinburgh from train and then from Edinburgh to Belfast by plane.

“It was a fun way to see the UK and even though we got limited time in each city, we did manage to enjoy seeing the sights before we left.

“In total it took us 15.5 hours to complete, the timings of the public transport mainly dictated the way we did this – as the rule was that we also had to use scheduled public transport.

“We started in Cardiff as the bus route was very affordable. We knew the train journey from London down to Edinburgh would be scenic.

“We were also mindful of the short flight between Edinburgh and Belfast – which if worse came to worse would give us the best chance of making it in 24 hours should there be delays.

“We had a flight delay between Edinburgh and Belfast which nearly put the trip in jeopardy!

“It was the last flight out and if we missed it, we had no chance of completing the challenge in 24 hours. It would have been disappointing to make it that far to then fail at the last hurdle.

“The challenge was hard as we were constantly on the go and with such tight timings any slight delay could stop us from making it.

“We really enjoyed Edinburgh – it’s picturesque and we were lucky enough to have a blue skied day which we’d been told was quite rare.”