Footie fan leaves Scots pundits baffled after claiming he supports England – despite being from north of the border

A FOOTIE fan left Scots pundits baffled after claiming he supports England – despite being from Lanarkshire.

The fan – known only as Bob – called in to talkSPORT on Wednesday morning following Scotland’s 3-1 defeat to England the previous night in the sides’ 150th anniversary friendly.

Addressing former Scotland internationals Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist on their breakfast show, the punter confessed his preference for England’s national side rather than his home country.

The video begins with Brazil saying: “Hold on a minute, hold on a wee minute, you canny [sic] be an England fan with an accent like that.”

There is a long pause before Bob replies: “Oh, Alan yeah, 100% England fan I’m afraid.”

Brazil then hastily interrupts him asking: “Where are you from?”

Bob then pauses before offering the unconvincing reply: “Lanarkshire.”

Brazil then hilariously raises his eyebrow as he stares silently into the distance before co-host McCoist chips in: “There you are, good part of the world.”

Baffled Brazil then bursts back to life, interrupting McCoist as he says : “No you’re missing the point here Ally, he’s from Lanarkshire, how can you support England?”

An unphased Bob ignores the investigation into his allegiances and carries on making his point, praising the Three Lions.

He continues: “When you look at that midfield there, I just want to highlight Kalvin Phillips this morning – what a game he played.

“I know he’s not getting a lot of gametime at Manchester City, but I think the stats are 93% passing accuracy last night.

“I thought Phillips was absolutely outstanding – and the whole performance – we know the quality that the England team have. Ally, isn’t that bench frightening?”

With Brazil shaking his head in disapproval throughout, there is a long silence following Bob’s speech before Brazil seemingly hangs up the call, saying: “I tell you what is frightening, your accent.

“Bob, thanks for your call, pal. He’s not your uncle by any chance? Bob’s your uncle.”

Brazil then shouts: “You canny support England if you’re from Lanarkshire for God’s sake!”

TalkSPORT uploaded the clip to social media yesterday with the caption: “This England fan is Scottish.”

The video has since received over 2,000 likes and more than 200 comments from users left divided by Bob’s allegiances.

One user wrote: “It would not be hard to guess what team he supports.”

Another commented: “I know Celtic fans who support Ireland.”

A third said: “Hold on, Rod Stewart who was born in England and has an English accent supports Celtic, is okay?”

Another replied: “Sounds like a glory hunter r***ing England’s midfield, you’re Scottish mate, support Scotland.”

A fifth added: “What an absolute rocket, I’m a Rangers man and Scotland – not a chance on this Earth am I supporting England…some people need give their heads a wobble.”

Despite defeat to England on the night, Scotland’s priority remains qualification for next summer’s Euros in Germany.

Scotland currently sit undefeated at the top of their qualifying group (Group A) on 15 points, and will face Spain next month with a win guaranteeing their place in the competition.