“Glorified spice rack”: London property on the market for £1,300 a month – where you’ll have to sleep in a bunk bed above the kitchen

A LONDON property has appeared on the market for £1,300 – and potential tenants will have to sleep in a bunk bed above their kitchen.

The studio flat located in Brockley, South East London features just the two rooms – a bathroom and a kitchen – which triples as a living room, dining room and bedroom as well.

Whilst the exterior of the building would prove an attractive prospect for any house-hunter in the London rental market, the interior of the flat leaves a lot to be desired.

Studio room in London property.
‘Studio flat’ in London. Credits: Dexters.

Images show inside the studio, which includes a very small kitchenette area consisting of only an oven, a small fridge, a sink and only two or three cupboards.

Whilst the lack of space and storage in the kitchen is a glaring issue, the main talking point is the wooden ladder that leads up to a small bed suspended over the cooking area.

Leaving would-be tenants with barely any headroom given its close proximity to the ceiling, the wooden bed is supported by a lone post in the kitchen and lies in the space above the flat’s entranceway.

The rest of the room features little in the way of decor, with a huge wardrobe taking up significant space alongside a fireplace and one tiny little table sitting in front of the bay windows.

The property also includes a small private bathroom with a tiny bathtub, a large communal utility room with washing machines and a well-tended communal garden.

With all bills included in the price, estate agents Dexters have listed the property for an eye-watering £300 per week – or £1,300 per month.

They describe the flat as: “A studio pad with big bay window. It is a good-sized room that has everything you need: own front door, kitchenette, separate bathroom and other essentials.

“There is secure parking for bicycles and you can also share in the large, well-tended communal garden.

“A large communal utility room with washing machines on the ground floor of the house for sharing with other tenants.”

A picture of the living situation was shared to social media on Saturday with the caption: “To save space in your studio apartment, just build a bunk bed to share with your kitchen!”

The post has since received over 270 likes and dozens of comments from users left astonished by the flat’s bizarre bedroom setup.

One user wrote: “I came here about to make witty comments about it being a glorified spice rack – until I realised it was a studio, and you were supposed to sleep in that!].

“And they want HOW much? Jeez…hell no.”

Another commented: “How are you meant to stop being single (even for the night) with that bed?”

A third said: “The conditions people are willing to live in and pay for the pleasure of just to have a London address is always amazing to me.”

Another wrote: “Is it just me who wonder how people have sex in bunk beds?”

Dexters estate agents have been approached for comment.