Heirbnb: Brit reveals what it’s like to stay inside royally-owned Airbnb on King’s Sandringham Estate

A BRIT has revealed what it’s like to stay inside a royally-owned Airbnb on the King’s own Sandringham Estate.

Garden House on the Royal Family’s estate in Norfolk was previously the home of Queen Elizabeth II’s gardener, but has since appeared for holiday rentals on Airbnb.

Priced at between £237 and £354 per night, blogger Laura-Ann Barr opted for a stay at the four-bedroom house with her partner and children over the last few days.

The video begins with Laura-Ann sitting on a bench outside of the estate as she narrates her family’s first day of the staycation.

She says: “I can’t believe were staying here at the King’s Airbnb at Sandringham Estate.”

Laura-Ann then films the view of the serene fields surrounding the property as well as the interior which features a cozy kitchen and a large dining space with stunning views of the gardens.

She continues: “It is absolutely beautiful, look at the gardens.

“The biggest decision in the morning however is which mug or cup to choose for your cup of tea or coffee, look at the collection you have, I decided to go for this floral one naturally.”

The video showcases a wide array of mugs and cups, all of which feature something to do with the Royal family on them – most of which feature images of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Laura-Ann then shows what they got up to on the estate, saying: “The kiddies has a little play and then we decided it was time to get up and at it and go for a lovely walk.”

The children can be seen running around the gardens as she says: “The gardens here are absolutely beautiful and we dandered over to Sandringham Estate itself where they have a coffee shop and picked up a latte and look at these cute little royal biscuits.”

The biscuits are all shaped as miniature crowns reading “C III R” – standing for His Majesty’s “Charles Rex the Third” insignia – coloured in red, white and blue to represent the Union Jack.

Laura-Ann then heads down a long path leading to Sandringham Estate itself as she explains: “Right beside the coffee shop is Sandringham House.”

The video then cuts to the family standing below an archway near Saint Mary Magdalene Church – which the Royal Family traditionally attend on Christmas morning.

She says: “Then to Saint Mary Magdalene Church, which you will know from Christmas Day for the Royal family – this is where they all go on Christmas morning.

“The church is so quaint and absolutely beautiful inside, it’s so tiny.”

The video shows the church’s high-ceiling interior which dates back to the 16th century, and also happened to be the church that the Princess Diana was baptised in.

After viewing the church, the family moved onto some more child-friendly activities, the play park.

Laura-Ann says: “Then we went to the play park, which the kids absolutely loved and then into Burnham Market where we went to this cute little pottery shop and did some painting.

“[We] brought loads of sweeties, filled the boys up and now back at the house having a cup of tea in – of course – another royal mug.”

Laura-Ann uploaded the video to social media on Saturday with the caption: “First day at the Heir Bnb.”

The clip has since received over 6,000 likes and dozens of comments from users left stunned by the picturesque views and quaint interior of the holiday let.

One user wrote: “Oh holiday envy, loved visiting Sandringham House earlier this year. How lovely to stay on the estate.”

Another commented: “Somebody is going to be making royal biscuits when they get home.”

A third said: “I want to go so bad.”

Another wrote: “Wow. Didn’t know you could stay there.”

A fifth replied: “It’s been one of my favourite royal properties to visit. Prince John is buried in the churchyard, known as the lost prince. Very sad story.”

The Royal family’s Scottish estate, Balmoral, is also available to stay in on Airbnb with prices ranging from £555 to £1,620 per week.