Hilarious video shows Taylor Swift superfan personalise her motor in tribute to star

A HILARIOUS video shows a Taylor Swift superfan dedicating her car to her idol – by adding her name to the motor.

Fleur Hubers from The Netherlands has been obsessed with the singer since she first heard her music at just ten years old.

The self-confessed Swiftie recently purchased a new car – coincidentally a Suzuki Swift and set about adding some DIY touches earlier this week.

The 19-year-old recorded herself and shared the video online to the delight of Taylor Swift fans worldwide.

The clip begins with Fleur standing outside of her home holding a selection of silver metallic letters in the palm of her hand.

She then stands at the back of the car above where the manufacturers have placed the Swift nameplate and adds a purple piece of tape to allow herself the correct room required for her idea.

The event organiser then adds the six letters which spell out ‘Taylor’ meaning that her car now carries the full name of her favourite singer.

As the hilarious footage ends the devoted fan flips the camera round to reveal her ecstatic face as she holds her hand over her mouth in awe of her creation.

Fleur shared the video to social media earlier this week writing: “Honk your horn when you drive past me.”

The video received more than 75,000 likes from social media users and hundreds of comments from fans of the singer.

One wrote: “I would just buy an “IE” to the end of Swift.”

Another commented: “Ima crash into every Suzuki Swift when i get my license after seeing this.”

A third added: “I love Taylor Swift creator.”

Another responded: “I want a Suzuki Swift for this exact reason.”

A fifth replied: “That’s icon behaviour.”

Fleur Hubers's 'Taylor' Swift Suzuki
Fleur Hubers’s ‘Taylor’ Swift Suzuki.

Speaking today Fleur said: “When I saw this car for sale I immediately thought this is the car for me it’s a Swift.

“I was thinking of different ways to make the car more Taylor Swift style, first I had the idea to put ‘Taylor’s version’ under Swift, but then my mom found these letters that matched the Swift letters.

“I’ve been a fan since 1989 era. I’m going to see her for the first time in Paris during the Eras tour next year.

“I’m also going to the Amsterdam shows in my own country, because I was lucky enough to get tickets.

“I’m still looking for tickets to the Eras tour in London but it’s really hard, when I visited London before I only played ‘London Boy’ on repeat constantly.

“Her music just means so much to me and has helped me through a lot.

“She has songs for every emotion you’re going through. The way she writes song lyrics is just amazing, for me she is the greatest songwriter of this decade.

“I just thought it was a funny thing to do, a lot of the comments are Taylor Swift fans and they all loved it.

“A few of the comments are people who don’t like Taylor Swift which is fine but the comments they leave are ‘I’m going to break the windshield’ or ‘if I see you I will run you of the road’ or ‘don’t be surprised when all of your tires are flat.’

“Personally, I think if you don’t like the video of Taylor Swift just keep scrolling why waste your time commenting. It not getting to me I just think it’s funny and laugh about it.”