Hilarious video shows unfortunate youngster being hit in the face by dad’s stray football kick

A HILARIOUS video captures the moment an unfortunate youngster is hit in the face by her dad’s stray football kick.

Joe Elliot and his family were on a day out by Chesterton Windmill in Chesterton, Warwickshire when he lined up to boot a football over to for daughter Jessica to chase.

However, dad Joe unfortunately misjudged his pass, with the ball instead soaring straight at his daughter and sending her flying.

The video, filmed by mum Clara, begins with Joe smoking a cigarette as Jessica shouts for him to kick the ball.

Joe takes a run up to the ball as his daughter runs towards him, and makes a connection right as Clara turns her phone.

The football flies through the air, but dips suddenly, hitting Jessica in the face with a sickening thump as she is sent flying backwards.

Joe immediately sets off towards Jessica as she bursts into tears as her mum winces behind the camera, saying: “Oww.”

The video was shared by Clara’s 23-year-old daughter Georgia Edmonds on social media last month, where it racked up over 127,000 likes and more than 900 comments from users left in stitches.

One user wrote: “What a save.”

Another joked: “Character building.”

A third said: “The harmonised noise at the end is killing me.”

Another quipped: “99 positioning 2 ball control.”

A fifth joked: “Give him the Ballon D’or.”

Speaking today Georgia, from Stratford-Upon-Avon, West Midlands, said: “It happened at the Chesterton Windmill when they went for a family day out.

“My mum’s reaction was at first to check my sister was okay and then she realised that she caught it on camera and sent it over to me.

“She cried for a bit and her dad went over to pick her up, and she was okay after that. I got sent this video and found it hilarious.”