“People actually win stuff from the McDonald’s Monopoly?”: Brits left shocked as woman reveals physical prize she finally won through McDonald’s

BRITS have been left shocked as a woman revealed the physical prize she finally won through McDonald’s Monopoly.

Layla Mills had bought a McDonald’s meal last month during the fast-food chain’s Monopoly prize period – which sees orders come with stickers offering punters the chance to win a host of prizes.

Whilst typical prizes usually consist of a portion of fries, a burger, wraps or a drink, diners are also in with a slimmer chance of winning much larger prizes like TVs, laptops and even a car.

Layla Mills with Big Mac beanbag
Layla Mills with Big Mac beanbag.

However, Layla, 36, was left “chuffed” after finally winning a prize with a bit more substance to it – a Big Mac beanbag.

Video shows Layla filming a giant cardboard box in her living room as on-screen text reads: “I won a real prize from the McDonald’s Monopoly game.”

She explains: “So guys, I won an actual physical prize from the Monopoly game. I normally win chips or a McFlurry okay? I’ve won so many McFlurries.”

The clip then cuts to Layla attempting to rip open the giant box, as viewers are offered a slight glimpse of the prize inside as the cardboard begins to tear.

Layla continues: “I actually won an actual item, and I’m just chuffed because I don’t win anything and – I won!

“Okay, I already know what’s inside here, but I thought ‘You know what, I’m going to do an unboxing video’.

“You can tell by my disappointed face that it doesn’t look how I thought it was going to look though.

“Any guesses on what his actually could be? Can you guess before I get it out? What do you think this is? No, I’m still not gonna tell you, I’m just going to let you wonder what it is.”

Layla can be seen struggling with the box as her prize finally falls out of the packaging, before she holds it aloft.

The prize is revealed to be a giant bean bag modelled after a Big Mac burger.

The beanbag is coloured brown, orange, green and yellow to represent the key ingredients of the iconic burger – the patty, the lettuce, the cheese and the staple Big Mac sauce.

She comments: “It’s quite random, but it is quite big. I won a full-size item guys, it’s a giant Big Mac bean bag and it’s actually quite comfortable,” as she proceeds to fall into it whilst smiling.

Layla uploaded the video to social media on Thursday with the caption: “I actually really like it.”

The clip has since received over 115,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments from users who were quick to share their own winnings from the fast-food chain’s promotion.

One user wrote: “Wait. People actually win stuff from the McDonald’s Monopoly?”

Another commented: “I won a Skullcandy £10 voucher, cheapest thing on the Skullcandy website is £30.”

A third claimed: “I won £5 last year, they never gave it to me though.”

Another replied: “Where are the people winning the £100k, holidays and cars? Do they exist?”

A fifth said: “I won socks with a fry box on them.”

Speaking today Social media video creator Layla said: “I won it through a Coca-Cola drink.

“I was quite chuffed because it’s an actual physical prize, but the beanbag was not what I thought it might be. I assumed it would be red with a little letter M all over it, it’s still cute though.

“I will keep it in our lounge, it’s a fun thing to talk about.

“Of course, I’m going to get a McDonald’s for dinner tonight! We eat it once or twice a week – three times if I’m lucky.”

With the company claiming that 165 prizes were won every single minute last year, the McDonald’s Monopoly event will continue until 17 October this year.