Real Deal: Touching video shows moment Busted superfan has dream come true as ‘idol’ Matt Willis snaps BeReal with her

A TOUCHING video shows the moment a Busted super fan has her dreams come true as Busted star Matt Willis snapped a selfie on her phone.

Beau Hind had travelled from her home in Rhymney, Caerphilly to the Welsh capital Cardiff with her friend Whitney to see the band for a third time on their Greatest Hits tour.

Busted are currently on a sold-out tour across the United Kingdom and were set to play the Utilita Arena in front of seven and a half thousand fans earlier this week.

Matt Willis taking a BeReal with Beau's phone
Matt Willis taking a BeReal with Beau’s phone.

Whilst the concert was ongoing, Beau realised that her BeReal had become active allowing her a chance to update friends about what she was doing via the medium of photography.

The 20-year-old took her chance during a break in the concert and shared the footage of what happened.

The clip begins during a moment of fan interaction that Willis was having with the Welsh crowd and Beau manages to catch the eye of the Busted bassist.

Beau holds her phone up towards the stage and screams: “Will you take my BeReal?”

The 40-year-old star struggles to make out the message and says: “I haven’t got my glasses on babe, I’m 40 now f***ing hell.”

Undeterred by the reply from her idol, Beau again asks for the star to take her BeReal and this time the Busted star hears her request.

However not surprisingly Willis isn’t aware of the social media app and replies: “Oh s**t ‘can you do my BeReal? What is that?”

Seizing her opportunity Beau pleads with the star saying: “Please, please it’s like a photo thing.”

The crowd begin to cheer encouraging the What I Go To School For singer to take the picture for the fan.

Beau moves closer towards the stage as Willis agrees to take the picture, leaving the Busted fan stunned asking: “Oh my god, really?”

The packed crowd then begin to shout out how BeReal works which leads to Willis playfully mocking the Welsh fans.

He jokes: “F***ing hell, rah rah rah, ok come on then what do I do – smile?”

The Busted bassist then playfully squats down and gestures towards Beau’s camera giving a one-finger salute.

However, to his surprise Beau passes her phone to one of the bouncers who pass the device to him on-stage.

Sensing that her dream of having the BeReal taken by the rocker is about to come true, Beau excitedly shouts “Oh my God.”

Whilst the crowd cheer a confused Willis asks her “What do I do?”

The superfan explains: “You just take a photo and it takes a photo of you and us.”

Willis opts to stand for his selfie and grips his plectrum in his teeth whilst making a rock and roll gesture with his other hand before snapping the pic.

The confused bassist then laughs and shrugs his shoulders as he passes the phone back to Beau via a member of security.

Admitting it was his first BeReal, Willis confides in the audience: “I don’t even know if I’ve completed that right.”

Beau then turns around to her friend Whitney in awe and disbelief as Willis jokes: “I’ve only just got Instagram, I don’t know what the f**k is going on!”

The band then begin to strum their instruments and resume the concert as Willis asks: “Is Myspace still a thing?”

Beau shared the heartwarming exchange on social media earlier this week writing: “I genuinely can’t believe Matt Willis from Busted did my BeReal last night, my third Busted concert this month and this was the best one yet.”

The video has been liked by more than 6,000 social media users with hundreds commenting on the incredible video.

One TikTok user wrote: “I need to see the photo.”

Another commented: “Class. I was there and hoped we’d actually see the picture. You should have added it to the video. Jammy gal.”

A third added: “Me and my mate were laughing so much at this that night, he had no clue what he was doing.”

One user replied: “I work behind there and we were loving this so much.”

Speaking today Beau said: “Busted is my favourite band with Matt being my idol.

“Matt interacts the most with the fans so I had hope that he would see us with being so close to the stage.

“I always stand his side of the stage and try and get his attention and this time I actually did.

“I got his attention by shouting up and pointing to my phone where I had a note/sign on my phone saying ‘Matt will you do my BeReal?’

“I was just so happy. I couldn’t believe that my idol was there looking and talking to me and not only spoke to me but actually took the time to stop the concert and take the photo.

“It took me a few minutes to overcome the shock but if anything it helped me gain more energy and enjoy the experience more.

“He didn’t understand what BeReal was at first but it wasn’t extremely hard as it is a pretty simple app.

“I just thought that this couldn’t get any better.

“I never thought that I would get this kind of reaction. It’s amazing how all of these people are now reaching out to me saying how lucky I am, I’m now connecting with others who love Busted.”

Busted return to Scotland over the weekend with a second tour date in Glasgow at the Hydro.