Scotland proud to host UK & Ireland lakes conference

SCOTLAND is proud to host the upcoming UK and Ireland lakes Network along with the Seven Lochs Wetland Park project.

The event will take place at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow on Wednesday, 11th October 2023.

Supported by the Glasgow Convention Bureau and Nature Scotland and generously sponsored by PET Water Solutions and Iolight, this event emerges as a beacon of urgency, innovation, and collaboration in a time when our lakes, lochs, and wetlands face the pressing impacts of climate change.

Lake. Credits: Unsplash/Ben Clayton

The conference will enable participants to explore new routes to achieve nature recovery, improved community health and well-being, and reducing climate impacts.

We are honoured to announce Udo Gattenlöhner, CEO of the Global Nature Fund, as a keynote speaker.

Based in Lake Constance, Germany, Gattenlöhner will share insights on the strategic movement for global lake protection, enriching our approach to lake management.

A conference highlight includes Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership’s presentation on Sustainable Urban Drainage, detailing how water management can unlock additional benefits like new accessible greenspace and habitat creation.

Moreover, Nature Scot and the Love Windermere Partnership will discuss funding opportunities for lakes and implementing nature-based solutions, alongside presentations on collaborative and novel lake management methods.

Before the conference, on Tuesday 10th October, delegates will have the chance to discover the nature visitor centre and education hub in the Seven Lochs area.

The Seven Lochs Wetland Park is described as a landscape that’s been shaped by water but also by people.

It is an ambitious greenspace / green network project focussed on the creation and sustainable management of the area.

It is Scotland’s largest urban nature park, which spans the Glasgow City / North Lanarkshire Council boundary between Easterhouse, Coatbridge and Stepps.

The event also presents a networking opportunity for those interested in lake and wetland management, fostering an environment for professionals, students and enthusiasts to exchange knowledge and collaborate.

Scott Ferguson, Project Co-ordinator for The Seven Lochs Wetland Park said: “Having witnessed the transformative power of this conference, I recognise its unmatched value.

As this year’s host, we are eager to share our dedication to conserving these vital ecosystems and collaborate with a diverse group of passionate individuals.”

Prior to the conference, on Tuesday 10th October, delegates will have the opportunity to attend the following site visits:

Golf-It at Hogganfield: A £12M initiative highlighting golf and nature education’s harmonious relationship.

Blairtummock Integrated Green Infrastructure: Observe the conversion of former amenity land into accessible eco-friendly spaces.

Greening Strathclyde Country Park: Explore the future vision for one of Scotland’s premier attractions.

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