Scots diner slams Glasgow restaurant after alleging drinks were spilled on coat and waiter took half of the tables orders

A SCOTS diner has left a scathing video review of a local restaurant after claims she and her friends received terrible service and alleges they had drinks spilled over them.

Danielle Wallace had opted to visit swanky El Santo on Miller Street in Glasgow city centre to celebrate her friend’s birthday last week.

The group were seated at a large table and were shocked when they arrived to find the restaurant devoid of customers.

The advisor from Shawlands, Glasgow alleges that despite the restaurant being empty there was just one member of staff working the table and the group were left waiting 25 minutes for drinks and shared her experiences online earlier this week.

The ordeal got worse as Danielle then claims that the one member of staff who was looking after the table only took orders for half of the table’s dinner.

The 32-year-old further slammed El Santo and claims that a friend’s jacket was then ruined after a cocktail was spilled over the piece of clothing.

A final straw came when a member of staff allegedly stormed over to the table and told the large group to be quiet as they were ‘disturbing guests’ – the only other customers were a couple with a baby.

However, after speaking with the couple, the party soon realised that the other customers had no issue with them and opted to leave El Santo.

Instead the group headed to nearby bar Delmonicas to celebrate the birthday of Danielle’s friend Scott and enjoyed the rest of their night with some pizza.

The video review begins with a large group of friends sat at a table underneath dark ambience lights as the group appear to be halfway through their dining experience and are laughing together.

Danielle narrates the clip, saying: “So, here’s a story of why I will never go to El Santo again and why I will never recommend it to anyone.”

The camera pans to Danielle and friend Scott as she continues: “We booked a very large dinner yesterday for Scott’s birthday and, f*g, there were over fifteen of us.

“They knew we were coming.”

The camera pans to the bar at El Santo where a lone member of staff can be seen preparing cocktails behind the large bar.

Danielle says: “They had one barman on, so we had a limited drinks menu.”

The group appear to be deep in discussion and unsure as to what is going on with their drinks and food.

Danielle continues her commentary: “We were then told to basically shut up because there was a baby in the building. There was literally only us and this other couple with the baby.”

The camera then pans to the large group as they enter Delmonicas, where the group ultimately ended up going instead for food.

A large pepperoni pizza can be seen sat at the group’s table as Danielle says: “So, we ended up all leaving.”

The camera then pans on Danielle, as colourful karaoke disco lights flash behind her before she explains the change in venue.

She says: “And then went to ‘Dells.’ We had pizzas, we had drinks. We had the best time.”

Danielle and a friend dance as she concludes the video: “So, just goes to show that you can’t treat a book by its cover because we thought El Santo was gonna be amazing and we got treated like garbage.”

Danielle took to social media on Tuesday to share the footage, writing: “We will never go here again. El Santo – I don’t see you surviving in Glasgow.

“Wish we could review your food menu but we left before we could even try.

“Good luck.”

Danielle and Scott.
Pictured: Danielle and Scott. (C) Danielle Wallace.

The post received over 1,500 likes and hundreds of comments as many social media users shared their thoughts on the scathing review.

One person wrote: “Was on the list of places to go. Not anymore. P.S You look stun, hun.”

Another said: “For a table over 15, why didn’t they take a preorder?”

A third commented: “[The] place is shocking. I found a bit of glass in my food and nearly swallowed it and they still charged us £150 for the bill.”

A fourth added: “Nice decor and that’s about it. Food was so s***e and took ages, man.”

Speaking to Danielle today she said: “So, there were around 15 of us booked for lunch. We pre-booked because it was the September weekend.

“It was our friend Scott’s birthday that we had all got together for.

“So many people and we thought the hype of the place [sic]. We arrived and there was not a single person there but us, which we thought was wild.

“It felt like we were an absolute inconvenience in there.

“We got sat [down] and there was one waitress for the full restaurant and one bar staff.

“We waited around 25 mins for our first drinks and then were told we’re only allowed to order minimum from the drinks to help the staff, so no cocktails were being offered.

“We waited another 20 [minutes] for the food order and she took half the table’s starter orders and left the other half without.

“So, half started eating while we hadn’t even had orders. A round of drinks came out and an espresso martini was spilled all over my friends cream coat.

“They didn’t even say anything about it, just kept walking.

“We weren’t being noisy or rowdy but 15 people do sound loud naturally. Understandable.

“So, it was totally uncalled for when a couple came in with their baby, the bar staff took it upon himself to come over and tell us all to be quiet because we were disturbing the other guests.

“The couple were totally fine with us we spoke to them. We spoke to management about this, who laughed and claimed he had no idea why the staff just done that.

“Eventually, we were told about a limited food menu too and that’s when we decided to leave.

“We went to management and he couldn’t have cared less. Even about the coat.

“We went round the corner to Delmonicas instead, who sold £9 pizzas and honestly, we had the best time.

“It was a much better atmosphere.”

El Santo have been approached for comment.