Scots footie fan stuns listeners with claims that Billy Gilmour is the “best British midfielder”

A SCOTS football fan left pundits and listeners alike stunned with his claim that Billy Gilmour is the “best British midfielder” right now.

The bizarre claim came from Celtic fan David, who called into talkSPORT ahead of Scotland’s match against England on Tuesday night as the two nations faced off in a 150th anniversary friendly.

Although ultimately ending in 3-1 loss for the Scots, David rang in prior to kick off, sounding off his bold opinion to hosts Andy Goldstein and former England international Darren Bent.

Video begins with David saying: “We’ve got the best midfielder in Britain at the moment in Billy Gilmour. Right now, right at this moment, Billy Gilmour is the best central midfielder in Britain.”

Bent and Goldstein look bewildered as Goldstein says “Hold on, hold on” with Bent hastily adding: “Well, you haven’t.”

Goldstein says: “Say that again, say that sentence again David.”

David reiterates: “Billy Gilmour right now, right at this minute, the way he’s playing he’s the best midfielder – central midfielder – in Britain.”

Bent then replies “No, I’d take Declan Rice over him all day, every day” whilst Goldstein then asks David: “You don’t believe that David though, do you?”

An irritated David responds saying: “Declan Rice looks like a centre half running about as a midfielder.”

Goldstein then asks: “Is he better than Jude Bellingham?”

David pauses for a moment and then says: “For what he does, yes.”

A bewildered Goldstein then says: “What do you mean for what he does? Play football?”

David insists: “No, Jude Bellingham is a box-to-box, right? Billy Gilmour uses the ball, I promise you – watch the boy, right.

“He was unlucky because [Graham] Potter signed him and then Potter moved to Chelsea. Had Potter not done that, he would have stayed at Chelsea.”

Darren Bent asks for clarification asking: “So David, you’re a Celtic fan, right?”

“Yes,” replies David.

Bent continues: “If you’ve got the chance to sign one of them tomorrow, Jude Bellingham or Billy Gilmour, who are you taking?”

David says: “Well he’s a wee Rangers man isn’t he, but I’d still take-“

Bent then interrupts him and says: “The fact that you’re taking this long to answer that is bonkers.”

After some hesitation shown seconds earlier, the Celtic fan then immediately replies: “Billy Gilmour.”

A clip of the phone-in was shared by talkSPORT on social media yesterday with the caption: “Gilmour over Bellingham?!”

The video has since received over 3,600 likes and more than 400 comments from users left astounded by the claims.

One user wrote: “Bellingham has just absolutely schooled him, they took Gilmour off because he was chasing shadows.”

Another said: “Gilmour doesn’t even get on the bench for England.”

A third replied: “The long-term effects of drinking Irn-Bru.”

Another commented: “The way Billy Gills plays for the Albion, not even joking – he’s not far off Rice. De Zerbi has turned him into a machine.”

Despite the caller’s claims, Steve Clarke’s in-form Scotland midfield featuring Brighton’s Gilmour and Manchester United’s Scott McTominay, was outclassed in midfield on Tuesday night.

Real Madrid’s new Galactico signing Jude Bellingham, who cost Los Blancos £88.5m this summer, was awarded the Player of the Match award with one goal and one assist against Scotland.

Despite the poor display, Scotland’s priority remains qualification for next summer’s Euros in Germany.

Scotland currently sit undefeated at the top of their qualifying group (Group A) on 15 points, and will face Spain next month with a win guaranteeing their place in the competition.