Stunned football team go viral after sharing saucy proposition from OnlyFans sex worker

A SEVENTH tier football club has left social media users in stitches after they shared a saucy proposition they received from a sex worker.

Yate Town ply their trade in the Southern Football League Division One South and West but were left stunned by the bold request that dropped in their inbox.

The Gloucestershire side felt compelled to share the message from a woman known only as Ellie who appeared to want to get a rather unique private tour of the stadium.

Yate Town dressing room.
Yate Town dressing room. Credits: Yate Town.

The team have set tongues wagging after sharing the screenshots online although they are yet to reply to the naughty offer.

An image shared online yesterday shows a private message between the club’s admin and Ellie, an anonymous sex worker on OnlyFans.

The messages begin with Ellie asking the club: “Hi, sorry for the random message but I was wondering if you would allow me to make OnlyFans custom content at the ground during a matchday? Ellie x.

“Please treat this message as confidential.”

The club replied: “It’s private don’t worry, what sort of content you looking to do?”

Ellie then pulls no punches and lets the club know exactly how far she wants to go inside their dressing room.

The OnlyFans model quickly tells the admin she hopes no fans are around, stating: “I’m looking to have photos taken and possibly video clips of me performing sexual acts on myself in the changing rooms and out on the pitch.

“Ideally, it would be before or after the game when there are no fans around for on the pitch content.

“I say on a match day as I wonder if any players or staff would be interested in being part of it.

“Faces can be blurred in photos and videos x.”

The club shared the mind blowing exchange on social media yesterday writing: “We have had some weird requests before, but I think this tops the lot.”

Facebook message from OnlyFans user. Credits: X.

The tweet has received over 10,000 likes with dozens of social media users quick to comment on the outrageous offer.

One wrote: “Trailing through Yates 8000+ followers and following any bird called Ellie….”

Another said: “It’s private don’t worry.”

A third commented: “Yikes. What’s the title? Welcome to Wrectum.”

Another added: “Thats disgusting. What’s her @ so I can avoid this type of content?!”

A fifth replied: “Lemme sign up to become a member of staff please.”

Another wrote: “This time next year. “We can report attendances are up 500%.”

Speaking today Yate Town FC said: “The reaction from the club was a bit of shock, and to be honest, a lot of us found it funny and couldn’t believe it.

“It has definitely boosted the morale of the players, staff, and fans. It has really perked the club up, and we hope we can get boosted attendances off the back of this.

“We believe it’s a random person in the local area, The South West Interiors Stadium is quite scenic.

“As admin, I did nominate myself.

“We just hit two million views on twitter, just can’t believe it.

” Having been doing the socials for Yate Town for 10 years now, I knew it would do well but didn’t think it would go this far.

“We’ve got a ‘Pay What You Want’ game coming up to.”

Yate Town FC currently find themselves 15th in the table having registered four points in four league games.

Their next fixture will be against Bishops Cleeve away from home on Tuesday where the club hope to pick up their second win of the season.